Rose Day

Rose day is the part of Valentine’s week which falls of February 7th each year.  This is the first day of Valentine’s week and celebrated with complete zeal and enthusiasm throughout the world. There are wide verities of roses with different color. Each color of rose has its own significance and meaning. Typically, roses help a lover to express their inner feelings symbolizing love, passion and affection towards each other. It’s very important to understand the right meaning of each rose color and gift the right rose accordingly.  Choose the right rose now!


Red Rose – Love, Respect, Sincerity

Red Rose

Red rose symbolizes the expression of love and conveys on internal profound feelings of the lover towards their friends and family. Some people say, giving 12 red roses convey "I Love you" emotions.

Pink Rose - Grace, Gentility

Pink Rose

The cute pink rose symbolizes the emotions like admiration, grace, joy and attitude. Give pink roses to your loved ones to admire their beauty.

White Rose – Love, Purity

White Rose

White roses symbolize truth, purity and innocence. It is said that the white flowers begins the new phase of life. In Catholic weddings, the bride walks down the aisle along with the bunch of white roses.

Yellow Rose- Friendship, Joy

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses symbolize one of the most beautiful bonds – friendship. The color itself evokes a sunny feeling which is loaded with warmth.

Lavender Rose - Love at first sight

Lavender Rose

Lavender color symbolizes charm and also expresses one of the sweetest emotions of all love at first sight. Lavender rose conveys a feeling of lofty and to express fascination.

Orange Rose: Passionate, Desire, Fascination

Orange Rose

Orange roses symbolize passion, enthusiasm, desire. Orange rose helps us to remember a blazing element which blooms and signifies energy.

 Green Rose - Life, Cheerfulness

Green Rose

The green color exhibits amicability, richness, peace and serenity. Green roses symbolize best wishes to start a new phase of life.

Black Rose - Death, Sadness

Black Rose

Black rose symbolizes hatred, death, sadness and all such negative vibes. Giving black roses to your loved ones is really not a good sign.