10 Most Popular Religious Festivals in India


May 24 2016 Comments

A country which is well known for its rich culture and heritage, “Festivals” are the heart of people living in India. The enormous and varied festivals that are held throughout the year, offers a unique way of considering Indian culture at its best. Here are 10 most popular religious festivals that are celebrated in India.

All You Need To Know About the Holy Month of Ramadan


Jun 16 2016 Comments

Ramadan or Ramzan, the ninth month of Islamic Calendar is observed as the month of fasting, intense prayer and nightly feasts by millions of Muslims worldwide. Here are few things you need to know about the holy month of Ramadan.

Guru Purnima and Its Significance


Jul 13 2016 Comments
Indians attach supreme importance to spiritual gurus. Guru Purnima is traditionally celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists to offer respect to their teachers, express their gratitude and seek blessings from their teachers. This auspicious occasion is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) during the Hindu month of Ashadha (June-July). In the year 2016, Guru Purnima will be celebrated on 19th July.

Bheemana Amavasya


Aug 4 2016 Comments

Each custom has a myth behind its creation. It is these age-old traditions that offer a reprieve to our monotonous life. More often, no celebrations are performed in the month of Ashada as per Hindu calendar. The last day of Ashada, no moon day or Amavasya is celebrated as the Bheemana Amavasya in Karnataka. This last day of Ashada (Amavasya) has a lot of significance and is celebrated in different places across India but the tradition differs from place to place.

Rakshabandhan and Its Celebration


Aug 5 2016 Comments

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is one of the most awaited festivals for Hindu community in India which is celebrated during Shravan Maas (July-August) on Purnima, the full moon day according to Hindu calendar.

 The festival of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan indicates the message of brotherhood as the sister ties a Rakhi, sacred thread of love and bond on the wrist of her brother on this day and in return, the brother vows to protect her from all troubles. Signifying sister's unconditional love and care to her brother, the Rakhi festival holds so much importance in the Hindu family structure.

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